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Drilling rig BS-500

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BS-500 Garden Tractor-Mounted Drilling Rig is designed to automate large-scale digging for fruit, berry and tree crops. The drilling rig may dig both deep-ploughed loose soil and non-ploughed puddled soil as well as slopes with maximum specific resistance of 1.0 kg/cm2.
The drilling rig may be utilized in all zones of the country: in flat areas and max 10° steep slopes containing minimum rocks.
The drilling rig comes with an operative unit which is a threaded auger producing minimum spread of dug soil. This helps reduce time to refill the trench during the planting.

technical characteristics

Length,mm 2100
Width,mm 715
Height,mm 1720
Weight(with a sef of detachable drills),kg  Max 180
Number of Detachable Drills,pcs 2
Diameter of Holes produced by detachable,cm 25;45
Maximum Digging Depthcm Max 80
Road Clearance,mm Max 350


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