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Mounted cultivator-ridger КОN-1.4

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Used to ridge the plot, till the spacings before and initially after the crops spring up, harrow, dress and mould up potato sprouts, carry out overall and pre-planting tillage. The ridger with a harrow or a dressing unit operates on all mineral soils containing minimum rocks, with absolute humidity 13-20% for the layer 0…12 cm.
If the customer so wishes, the ridger may be supplied with:
- a set of rotary harrows;
- a set of duckfoot anchor pillars;
- a set of wide-cut subsurface tiller pillars for pre-planting tillage;
The machine ensures good loosening of interspaced soil at a given depth and weed control. The rectangular operational suspension follows the contour of land.
Modular Trailing with Tractors, Drawbar Category – 0.6

technical characteristics

Type прицепное
Yield per 1 hour of running time,hectare per hour 1,1
Operational Speed in Basic Functions,max,kph 8
Effective Width,m 1,4
Spacing Width,cm 70-75
Digging Depth,cm 5-6
Weight,kg 210
Dimensions in Operating Mode,mm:
Length 1860
Width 2100
Height 1000


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