Module for forest fires trailers MLPP-2,0-10

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Water supply to be made from the tank through the fire pump system with a tractor-trailer. Refilling containers made with the help of pumps MLV-1M from external reservoirs, hydrants. In the absence of a tractor feed water pumps can be done via MLV-1M from the tank. Transportation MLPP-2,0-10 is a tractor "MTZ-320.4", "MTZ-82.1", or any vehicle.


technical characteristics

Fire Pump:

Overall dimensions, m 4,2х1,75х1,8
Type НШП-600
Supply, l/s 10
Head, m 45


The highest geometric suction, m
Maximum speed, km/h 25
Weight, kg 3450
Maintenance staff, pers. 1
Capacity of the tank for water, l 2000

Complete list MLPP-2.0-10

Description Quantity
Fire hose pressure 51, L=20м 8
Fire hose pressure 77, L=20м 2
Sleeve suction 75, L=2м 4
RAC-50 Barrel 2
Barrel peat TS-1M (under 51 sleeve) 1
Mesh suction CB-80 1
Fire Extinguisher OP-5 2
Foam SVPE-4 2
Branching of the RT-80 1
Motor pump MLV-1M 1
trunk 1
suction hose 4 m 1
hose pressure of 100 m 1
hand Pump 1
Lantern FOS-3 with chargers 1
Head SE 80x50 2
Head GB-50 4
Key K-80 2
Axe T-A2 1
Scrap LPL 1
Scrap LPT 1
Small shovel LKO 2
Two-handled saw 1
Saw Joiner 1
Gaff BPM 1
Underride block AC-130 2


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