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Mounted fan sprayer Zubr NV

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This series of garden sprayers is designed to protect gardens, berrying grounds and vineyards in small- and medium-sized farms and target local lesions in large gardening enterprises. The sprayer comes in two makes: «Standart» and «Kolonna» for gardens and berrying grounds, vineyards and hopyards.
The basic idea behind this series was to give a professional and comparatively cheap machine to the horticultural industry that would develop more capacity than other similar machines currently in the market.
That was made possible by using cutting-edge aerosol generators allowing free and independent spray adjustment on a broader scale, previously beyond reach.

technical characteristics

Main Tank Capacity/For Hand Wash,l 400 /15
Fan Attachment Type 2,7 m
Pump КАРА UDOR (75-125 l/min 40 atm)
Gearbox 2-N (Italy)
Pressure Control UHP ARAG
Filtration Three-Stage
Mixing Hydraulic Ejector Mixer
Spray Output Range,l per hectare 60-1000
Operational / travelling Speed,kph 4-9 /15
Yield (with spacing width 5 m), hectares per shift 24
Tractor Drawbar Category 0,6


The strengths of the mounted sprayer:
Dependable – simple-to-use, cheap design credited for many years and by different manufacturers;
Compact – easy to treat a garden or a vineyard with narrow spacings 2.5 – 3.5 m and small turn spaces, convenient storage;
Convenient to maintain – low position of all nozzles;
Versatile – Possible to work both in tall (old-type) and low gardens (clones) as well as in berrying grounds and farms;
Mobile – Possible to carry out emergency work in a lesion locality across large gardens and separate areas with differently susceptible plants to a disease or pest;
Highly Technological – MULTI-WING (Denmark) fan allows to change the angle of attack of the blades, adjusting the sprayer to the tractor power, and operate in a back-draught mode which prevents the loss of expensive chemicals resulting from repeated suction of the mix into the fan attachment deflector;
Quick Payback – best for new gardens (costs less and pays back as crops are larger and horticultural chemicals are used economically);
Safe – Zubr-series Sprayers meet all plant safety standards and requirements and environmental safety.


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