Trailed fan sprayer ZUBR PV

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The trailed fan sprayer is designed to protect gardens, berrying grounds and vineyards, gardening and forestry nurseries in small- and medium-sized gardening enterprises. ZUBR PV Sprayer meets all international standards in even application, dosage administration and environmental safety.

technical characteristics

Main Tank 1000,2000
Flush Tank 70
Hand Wash Tank 15
Fan Attachment Type Колонна
Pump КАРА UDOR (100-125 л/мин /40 атм)
Geardbox 2-N (Италия)
Pressure Control UHP ARAG (Италия)
Filtration 4-х ступенчатая
Spray Output Range,l per hectare 60-1000
Yield(with spacing width 5m),hectare per shift 36


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