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Mounted herbicide boom sprayer Zubr NSH Herbi/DS-2

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Herbi/DS-2 Mounted Herbicide Boom Sprayer has been designed, in conjunction with Republican Unitary Enterprise «Fruit Farming Institute of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences» and Limited Company «SelAgro», to treat wellbore zones with herbicides in industrial gardens and provide chemical protection in berrying, gardening and forestry grounds. They allow to automate the procedure, use far less horticultural chemicals, slash treatment time and keep the wellbore zone at a high agronomical level.

technical characteristics

Model     NSH 04.21 .G/DS2
Main Tank Capacity,l 400
Effective Boom Width(one-side),m 0,25-1
Pump ZETA - 75/85 (Italy)
Pressure Control SZF "MOBI"
Mixing Hidraulic Ejector Mixer
Spray Output Range,l per hectare 50-400
Yield(with spacing width 5m),hectare per shift 24
Spacing Width,m 3,5-5
Spray Effective Width,m 2x0,25-1
Number of Boom Spray Nozzles,pcs 6
Weight,max,kg 150
Tractor Grade 0,6
Certificate of Conformity STB №VU/112 03.07.003 04306


Herbi/DS-2 Sprayer is more efficient than a shoulder sprayer or a hand pistol because of the following performance features:
More accurate application which is impossible when spraying manually since speed, pressure and working width cannot be controlled, resulting in wasted chemical or under-treated zone;
Bole cannot be affected by the chemical;
Original slide deflector provides no skip zone to affect or damage the bole;
Number of Operators – 1 person;
Yield – 1.5-3 hectares per hour which is crucial, given the weather condition requirements and weed vegetation period;
Application possible in windy weather;
Safety – Staff kept away from the treated area.

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