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Lift-type park-vacuum cleaner PPN-320

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Park-vacuum cleaner is used in professional cleaning of park and garden territory (gathering of leaves and cut grass). Park-vacuum attached to tractor MTZ-320 and trailer PMT-330 with pulling-type sides and tent. Corrugated hose provides long term of using the item. Park-vacuum works due tractor's power take-off shaft. Park–vacuum can clean garbage on distance till 15 meters due to 180 mm hose. Bladewheel, that consisted of 4 steel knife blades, increases compactability of loading of loading leaves and other garbage in 10 times.

technical characteristics

Performance, m3/per hour 10
Blade whel's rate pf rotation,rpm 3000
Length of hose,mm 10000
Diameter of hose,mm 180
Max high of unloading,mm 2800
Nose piece angle rotating 360
Head piece angle rotating 60
Weight,kg 125
Length 980
Wildth  745
High 1450
Power capacity,k/watt 1000


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