Cart TTK-3

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ТТК-3 Cart is used to carry bins in modern intensive gardens and berrying grounds with inter-row spacing of min. 2.5 m and turning circle of min. 4 m. The cart frame is covered with corrosion-resistant double-layer polymeric coating.

technical characteristics

Type     Semi-Mounted
Load Capacity,kg 1500
Floor Heigt,mm 400 (300)
Road Clearance,mm 300 (220)
Wheeltrack,mm 750
Turning Radius,max
For Internal Track,m 2,0
For External Track,m 3,8
Bin Area Size,mm 1200х1000
Bin Places,cs 3
Number of Carts in a coupling,max,pcs 3
Modular Trailing with Tractors,Drawbar category 0,6


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