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Belarus MPU-320

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Cleaning and loading vehicle Belarus MPU-320 includes Belarus 320.4 base tractor, brush and loading equipment. This model equipped with reliable Italian Lombardini engine which special features are low-pollution emissions (Euro 3A standards) and high performance with low operating expenses.

Cleaning and loading vehicle is used to carry out cleaning, loading, and earthwork in Grade 1 and 2 grounds,level sites, refill trenches and pits.

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technical characteristics


Type Four-stroke diesel
Power, KW (h.p.) 26,5 (36,0)
Rated Speed, rpm 3000
Number of Cylinders, pc 3
Torque, Nm (kg force) 92
Factor of Torque Backup, % 12
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 32
Category 0,6
Emission standard Euro-3A



Clutch single-disk, friction-type, constantly-closed
Gearbox mechanical, step-by-step
Number of Gears
forward/ backward 8/4 or 16/8
Speed, km per hour:
forward/backward 1,0-25,0/1,8-13,3
Rear PTO:
dependent I, rpm 540
dependent II, rpm 1000
synchronous I, rpm of track 3,4
synchronous II, rpm of track 6,3



Type                                                       disks, wet, mechanical (separate control)


Dimensions and Weight

Loader Location Front
Brush Location Rear
Rated Bucket Lifting Capacity, kg 300
Bucket Volume, m3 0,25
Productivity at a speed of 9km / h, m2/h 11700±1000
Maximum Brush Working Width, mm 1300
Brush Setting Angle, degree 30
Dimensions, mm:
length 6150
width 1800
height 2370
Operating Weight, kg 2400


Hydraulic Linkage System

Type Remote-Cylinder
Lifting Capacity from the suspension axle, kg 1100
Maximum Pressure, kg force/cm2 200
Pump Productivity, l/min 17
Hydraulic System Capacity, l 10


Front Drive Axle: Portal, Self-Locking Differential.

Steering Control: Hydrostatic, with Flow Control Pump – based Hydraulic Booster.

Cabin: safe and comfortable.

Complete package includes: working headlamps, two pairs of hydraulic linkage leads for additional mechanisms, mechanical rear mount clamp.


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