Belarus 422

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Tractor BELARUS 422 is a universal model, equipped with reliable Italian Lombardini engine which special features are low-pollution emissions (Euro 3A standards) and high performance with low operating expenses.

  • Perfect illumination of front and rear hitch systems at work
  • Dashboard allows to get information at day and night time
  • Accessible and comfortable operating inside the cabin

This model combines the best technical properties of “Belarus-422.1” tractor and pre-installed comfortable panoramic cabin with a convenient driver’s workplace. Current tractor perfectly fits in a city center scenario while performing territory care and ennoblement works. Low fuel consumption and eco-friendly emissions outline the benefits of this unit.


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technical characteristics


Type Four-stroke diesel with Pre-Chamber Injection

Lombardini LDW2204

Power, KW (h.p.) 36,8 (50,0)
Rated Speed, rpm 3000
Number of Cylinders, pc 4
Engine capacity, l 2,068
Fuel Tank Capacity, l 94
Category 0,6
Torque, Nm 125
Emission standard Euro-3A



Gearbox mechanical, step-by-step
Number of Gears:
forward/reverse 16/8
Speed, km/hour:
forward/reverse 1,0-31,7 / 1,8-16,9
Clutch single-disk, friction-type, constantly-closed
Differential locking, rear
Drive 4WD
Power take-off (PTO):
independant and synchronous, rpm 540/1000



Type                                                    disks, wet, mechanical (separate control)


Dimensions and Weight

Length, mm 3200
Width, mm 1570
Height, mm 2220
Wheelbase, mm 1870
Tread, mm
front wheels 1260;1410
rear wheels 1250,1400
Ground Clearance, mm 370
Least Turning Radius, m 3,8 (3,5)
Operating Weight,kg 2025
front 210/80R16
rear 11.2-20


Hydraulic System

Lifting Capacity, kg 1700
Pump Productivity, l/min 40
Oil Tank Capacity in the Hydraulic and Steering Control System, l 19


Basic set


  • battery (12V, 88Ah);
  • rear PTO (2-speed, synchronized, 8/21 and 6/21 splines);
  • rear hitch (3-point, 2 hydrocylinders, locking chain);
  • hydraulic outlets (4 pcs. front, 2 pcs. rear );
  • 3-sectional hydraulic spreader;
  • socket (on the rear side);
  • frontal and rear working lights (6 pcs. front, 2 pcs. rear);
  • turning lamps (4 pcs.);
  • emergency lights;
  • license plate backlight;
  • panoramic cabin (frameless doors with tempered glass, plastic dashboard, ergonomic controls positioning, heater, ventilation system, opening back/rear windows, electric front and rear wipers, front window washer);
  • horn;
  • dashboard backlight;
  • steering wheel with an adjustable angle;
  • power steering;
  • adjustable seat;
  • parking hand brake;
  • hand acceleration;
  • rear view mirrors (2);
  • footboards (2);
  • front wheel wings (2);
  • wheels hanging nuts (4);
  • spare parts package
  • drawbar (2 types);
  • crossbar;
  • towing fork;
  • front hitch with front PTO;
  • front weights (20 kg x 8pcs);
  • rear weights;
  • pneumatic system;
  • signal beacon;
  • lawn tires;


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