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OJSC "BZTDiA" continuously improves the technology and methods for applying paintwork materials, in order to ensure the production of modern and popular products with high quality paint.

A new painting line manufactured by the Italian company TRASMETAL was commissioned in the third quarter of 2017. The line capacity per year is 561,000 wheels.  


  • Powder coating can significantly reduce the painting time due to the fact that the paint is applied in just one layer. The thickness of this layer can be adjusted within wide limits from 35 to 250 microns. Due to the application of one uniform layer eliminates the possibility of the formation of stains and stains;
  • The painted surface is able to withstand shocks and temperature drops from -50 to + 130ºС. Powder coating has a lower porosity compared with conventional paints, therefore, has a greater corrosion resistance;
  • Manufacturers of powder paints give a guarantee for coverage up to 20 years;
  • Due to the high strength of the formed coatings protect various products from damage that may occur during transportation or operation, and therefore reduces the cost of packaging.

To order NON-SERIES PRODUCTS, please fill in the form below and send it to the address market@bztda.com.

Marking Name
9.00x15.3 Wheel 9.00x15.3
4.50Ex16 Wheel 4.50Ex16
6.00Fx16 Wheel 6.00Fx16
W8x16 Wheel W8x16
13x18 Wheel 13x18
5,5Fх20 Wheel 5,5Fх20
W7х20 Wheel W7х20
W9x20 Wheel W9x20
W12x20 Wheel W12x20
W13x20 Wheel W13x20

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