Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units to buy MTZ’s share in Slovak company

05 september 2011 года

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark) will sell its share in the authorized capital of Belarus traktor Slovakia s.r.o. (Slovakia) to Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units. This decision was made by Resolution No. 1171 of the Council of Ministers of Belarus of 1 September 2011, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Belarusian government.

The Bobruisk plant ships MTZ-320 tractors to Belarus traktor Slovakia s.r.o where they are fitted with Italy’s Lamborghini engines. The joint venture assembles Belarusian tractors in Slovakia and sells them across the European Union.

Minsk Tractor Works owns 46.06% of shares of Belarus traktor Slovakia s.r.o. However, as the production of MTZ-320 tractors was relocated to Bobruisk, a decision was made to sell the shares to Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units. The Industry Ministry believes this will ensure a more efficient management of the shares.

The shares will be sold at ?10,090.99. The payment will be made in Belarusian rubles using the official exchange rate set by the National Bank on the payment day.

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units started producing small-sized tractors Belarus-320 in 2007 using the design documents handed over by MTZ. Over this time, more than 5,000 tractors of this model were sold in Belarus and abroad. The company is increasing tractor production from year to year. In 2010, over 2,000 Belarus-320 tractors were made.

The tractors can be used in agriculture, manufacturing industry, municipal services and construction.

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units was founded in 1945. It manufactures over 500 kinds of component parts and units for the entire range of tractors produced by Minsk Tractor Works. The plant employs about 3,500 people.

Minsk Tractor Works was founded in 1946. The company offers around 60 tractor models available in over 100 modifications fit for any climate and operation conditions. The company’s latest products offer excellent capabilities of aggregation with agricultural machines from various manufacturers. MTZ also offers vehicles for forest operations, vehicles for municipal services, vehicles for mine operations. Around 30,000 people are employed by the enterprises, which are part of the manufacturing corporation MTZ.

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