Belarus’ permanent farm machinery expo opens in Yerevan 15 March

14 march 2012 года

A permanent exposition of the Belarusian farm machinery due to open on 15 March will be located near the Armenian and Belarusian trading house Ar-Be in Yerevan, BelTA learnt from the Trade Ministry of Belarus.

The exhibition is organized by the Industry Ministry of Belarus, the Trade Ministry of Belarus, the Belarusian State Food Concern Belgospischeprom and the State Production Engineering Holding Company Belagromash.

Taking part in the official opening ceremony will be representatives of the Industry Ministry of Belarus, Belgospishcheprom, Belagromash, heads of Belarusian enterprises which have supplied the machinery for the exposition, chiefs of ministries and departments of Armenia, Armenian businessmen and farmers.

Participating in the exhibition will be Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units, Lidselmash, Lidaprommash, Bobruiskselmash, Selagro, Bobruiskagromash, Tekhmash, Smorgon Assembly Plant and Minsk Tractor Works.

Armenia is interested in the supplies of Belarusian farm machinery. First of all Armenia is interested in Belarusian experience in this area, namely delivery, maintenance, etc., the Trade Ministry said.

Belarus remains Armenia’s important trading partner and is the third biggest importer among the CIS countries after Russia and Ukraine. Belarus is ahead of such countries as Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.

Belarus major export items to Armenia are tires, trucks, tractors, butter, drugs, parts and units for vehicles and tractors, fiberboards, plywood and furniture. Belarus major import items from Armenia are alcoholic beverages, drugs, siliceous earth, tin fruits and polycarboxilic acids.

The Armenian and Belarusian trading house Ar-Be was opened in Armenia in 2010. The trading house presents 10,000 products from more than 150 Belarusian enterprises.

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