Promagroleasing signs its largest supply deal

16 february 2012 года

Belarusian leasing company Promagroleasing has concluded its largest deal on the delivery of Belarusian agricultural equipment to Georgia, BelTA learnt from company’s director general Pavel Krupnov.

Promagroleasing held an exhibition of Belarusian agricultural equipment in Georgia in September 2011. A delegation of Georgia led by the country’s agriculture minister paid a visit to Belarus in late December 2011. An agreement to deliver agricultural equipment to Georgia was signed with MTZ, the Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Aggregates and the Minsk Gearing Plant.

In January 2012, Promagroleasing and the Georgian company “Mekhanizatory” signed a contract for the supply of tractors “Belarus-826” and “Belarus-622”, ploughs, backhoe loaders, and additional equipment for tractors. All in all, 592 units of equipment shall be delivered under the leasing contracts. The total amount of contracts is about $8 million.

Thus, Promagroleasing has signed the largest leasing deal in its history for delivery of Belarusian machinery to Georgia,” Pavel Krupnov said.

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