Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units to increase export in 2015

20 januаry 2015 года

In 2015, Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units plans to increase the export of tractors.

"We are actively working on diversifying the markets for our equipment. We are to increase the export by at least 2%. If we manage to implement all the plans under the agreements we have already reached, the figure will be much higher,” noted the experts. The plant is going to participate in the international exhibition of agricultural machinery and livestock SIMA due in Paris in February. The Bobruisk exposition will be presented at the collective stand of Minsk Tractor Works and will consist of three models: Belarus-320.5, Belarus-422 and Belarus-622. The distinctive feature of this lineup is the market orientation towards European customers. Thanks to the new design solutions the tractors boast good ergonomics and comfort conditions and also technical parameters.

"The main objective is to continually increase the market presence in the EU countries where we have been supplying our equipment, albeit in small numbers. Last year we sold 170 tractors in Europe. They were supplied to 11 countries: Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, France and others. All in all, we exported more than 230 vehicles to the non-CIS countries,” the plant added.

The plant is working on such promising markets as Serbia, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, continues to work with Venezuela, and is busy negotiating contracts with the Kingdom of Cambodia and partners in other countries. Last year the plant supplied its products to 48 countries.

The company was established in 1945. Since 1972 it has been part of Minsk Tractor Works. Currently, the company employs more than 3,000 professionals.

MOGILEV, 19 January (BelTA)

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