OJSC «BZTDA» will present his tractors on an exhibition in Poland

29 february 2016 года

Open Joint Stock Company « Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units» (OJSC «BZTDA», The Republic of Belarus, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk) will present his tractors on the 22 international fair of agricultural machinery AgroTech. It will take place from 18 to 20 march 2015 in the town of Kielce (The Republic of Poland).

Bobruisk exposition will be located at the booth of the MTZ BELARUS TRAKTOR Sp. z o. o. company, in the hall A of the exhibition complex. It is the official representative of the holding MTZ in Poland.

At the exhibition AgroTech-2016, which opens the season of agricultural exhibitions for the Polish farmers, OJSC «BZTDA» will present 2 models of tractors:

- the well-known model BELARUS-320.4 with the engine capacity of 36 Hp;

- the new modification of the tractor BELARUS-422.4 in the line of the factory with the engine capacity of 49 Hp.

The AgroTech’s fair is the largest agroindustrial indoor exhibition on the territory of Poland. Last year the exhibition was visited by more than 61.5 thousand  visitors. The event was attended by more than 700 companies from Poland and other countries and they provided the greatest show of the ultra-modern equipment for farmers.

In this year OJSC «BZTDA» will present his technique on this popular polish exhibition in the first time.


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