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First stage of testing campaign of tractors "Belarus" in Bangladesh

15 may 2017 года

The first stage of the test road show of compact tractors "Belarus" produced by JSC "Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Units Plant" (Babruysk, Republic of Belarus) was held in the People's Republic of Bangladesh in April 2017.

In January 2017 5 compact tractors “Belarus-421”, “Belarus-410” and “Belarus-320R”, as well as attachments to them, were shipped to the company Corona Industries Limited (Bangladesh) by Babruysk tractor-builders.

The parties initially planned a three-month road show in view of raising an awareness potential consumers and demand creation. It was plannedto hold marketing events in almost 40 cities of this South Asian countryduring almost three-month "demonstration speeches". In accordance with the arrangements, a group of technical and marketing experts took part in the testing campaign to train and mentor Corona Industries Limited professionals as well as to form a package of proposals for further optimizing of design and operation parameters of tractors to the local market requirements.

For 20 days Bangladeshi and Belarusian experts conducted about 15 practical demonstrations of tractors “Belarus” in 6 administrative districts: Jessore, Dinaspur, Sherpur, Mimingsingh, Kishoregonj, Komilla.Taking into account the peculiarities of local agriculture the test shows were carried out using soil milling cutters, as well as various trailers and semi-trailers with a carrying capacity up to 7 tons.

Following the results of the first stage of the road show of “Belarus” tractors in Bangladesh, the partiesemphsized the high interest of local farmers to the new line of tractors for the local market and the good results shown by “Belarus” tractors when operating in the real conditions of this South Asian country.

Confirmation of good prospects of the joint project was the agreement on the delivery of 12 more tractors "Belarus" to Bangladesh in the second half of 2017.


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