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Bobruisk tractor manufacturer plans to boost export to Central America

20 february 2017 года

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units shipped the first batch of small-size tractors Belarus-421 to its dealer in Nicaragua AutosAlemanesAsociados (Managua) at the end of January 2017.

These tractors equipped with 49hp engines have not been exported to Central and South American countries before. Until recently, the Bobruisk-based enterprise has shipped only lower-capacity tractors to that region. “Nicaragua is becoming a kind of a testing ground where Bobruisk-made tractors are tested before we further promote then to other countries of Central America. This scheme was used to promote Belarus-311 tractors on this market. These tractors did well on avocado and banana plants in Nicaragua before hitting the markets of Guatemala and the Dominican Republic in 2016. 

By means of expanding the range of Bobruisk-made tractor exports to Nicaragua, the enterprise plans to boost the volume of export in 2017. Now we are discussing the delivery of about 40-50 tractors to Nicaragua by the end of 2017. The presentation of a Belarus-421 tractor for Nicaraguan agrarians will be the first step. In fact, this presentation will become the premiere of this tractor in Latin America. Apart from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic, Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units delivered tractors to other countries of Latin America such as Mexico, Cuba, Peru, and Venezuela. The enterprise exported Belarus-321 and Belarus-320.4 tractors with the 36hp engine to these countries.

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