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Tractors Belarus shipped to Russia's Sakhalin as part of Far East Hectare program

13 januаry 2017 года

The first five tractors Belarus-320.4 by Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units (BZTDiA trademark) have been shipped to Russia's Sakhalin Oblast within the framework of the Far East Hectare program.

The tractors were sent under the state support program. The recipients are five residents of Tymovsky District of Sakhalin Oblast who concluded preferential leasing contracts for Belarus tractors and also ploughs, mowers, harrows, seeders and other agricultural equipment. The equipment was transferred through the Sakhalin company Sakhalin Leasing Flot.

The leasing terms offered under the Far East Hectare program are more than favorable: the first installment is only 10%, the semi-annual grace period on the first payment, low interest rates from 1.6 to 2.6%, and the lease period of up to 5 years. In addition, the regional agriculture ministry will compensate up to RUB500,000 (50% of the total costs with the upper limit of RUB1 million) to the program participants. The 2017 Sakhalin Oblast budget has set aside RUB50 million for these purposes. The agreement to deliver 50 small-scale tractors Belarus as part of the Far East Hectare program was signed during the visit of the Sakhalin Oblast delegation led by Governor Oleg Kozhemyako to the international trade show BelAgro 2016. The agreement is in force. The supplier is Profmash-DV, an official dealer of BZTDiA Company. In 2017 the company plans to deliver more than 100 items of Belarusian farm equipment to Sakhalin. The official dealer will also provide maintenance services and advise Russians on the operation and most efficient use of the Belarusian equipment.


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