«Belarus» conquers the world

28 june 2013 года

«Belarus» conquers the world

Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units produce 10000th tractor and strive to rise in two – three times this figure

The plant «TP&UP» produced tractor parts and assemblies, while in 2007 it was decided to move from small-scale to large commodity production – assembly of compact tractors brands of «Belarus».

– How did this idea? — Asked the reporter of «R» of the plant manager Alexander Agranovich (pictured). – What is the result today?

– Time itself has defined the idea of output of tractors. But without a major capital investment could be no question of the incarnation of the project to life. The difficulty, of course, were in fact on the tractor assembly requires about 5000 parts. However, we are aggressively going to the goal: to open shop to assemble tractors, in which immediately came to work about three hundred people, bought and equipped with the necessary equipment, tools, test benches assembly production.

– Alexander Georgievich, how many modifications of tractors are manufactured at the company?

– The base model of the tractor is «Belarus-320». Everything else is modifying it, which differs by complete set, engine power, cabin design and the use of attached equipment. In total them ten. Our equipment is used in the agricultural sector and in construction, in municipal services for the transportation of cargo. In short, it has a wide range of applications.  And a lot of attachments and towing equipment we produce ourselves.

As for the components, about half of them are also manufactured in our plant. Every year the number of its own component parts increases. And it is the stability and growth, and jobs, and reduces the cost of production, and our own prestige.

– In which corner of the globe are sent tractors «Belarus»? How is realizing the search for new markets?

– Just note that our plant is the second in the CIS after MTZ on the number of tractors produced annually. The demand is there, and we are ready to meet. Our tractors are sent almost in fifty countries. And first of all this is Russia, where, except tractors, plant dispatch tractor kits on five assembly production. Similar production set up in several countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Our tractors acquire the CIS countries, the Baltic States, Spain, Italy, Mongolia, Iran, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Serbia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Greece. We were sorted out across the ocean to the United States, Venezuela, are mastering the countries of South-East Asia, the African continent. The prospects in this regard are broad.

– How do you assess the current economic state of the company?

– The enterprise has achieved good results, the most important of which are the accelerated growth rates of production, exports and productivity. Revenue from product sales last year compared with the previous increased almost twice, net income was 63 billion rubles, almost 10-fold investment in fixed assets increased, material consumption indicators reduced. We are optimistic about the future.

– What the director is proud of on the eve of such an important event for the collective – the output of the jubilee tractor?

– A lot. We are a prominent enterprise, and the city of Bobruisk now known around the world thanks to our technique. I am proud of the collective. Probably every factory worker feels the same pride, and from this we have added strength.

– Alexander Georgievich, 10 thousands tractors – that is lot or a little? What to expect in the future?

– My answer is this: good does not happen much, and 10 thousands tractors is not the limit. We have developed a business plan for the future, in which provides for at first doubling and then tripling of the release of our products. Yes, it will require us to new physical and mental effort, but we are ready for it.


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